Dear Mr. Abruzzese:

I recently completed an inspection at Hangar I, in regard to the above, in company with Mr. Emery Dicey, my Construction Supervisor. As a result of this inspection, I feel it incumbent to write this letter to express my delight in see a project which has come to fruition in such a professional and satisfactory manner.

As you are aware, we have many projects ongoing here at Long Island MacArthur Airport, and we deal with a significant number of contractors in all areas of construction and building maintenance/improvements. Based on comments and reports given to me by Emery Dicey throughout the project, it is apparent that your attitude and willingness to extend yourself to produce a satisfactory product for the customer is far above the norm. I have also received numerous compliments from the personnel involved in this facility during the project, and the surrounding tenants who observed the work in progress.

The workmanship and quality of materials in this project speak for themselves and we are extremely pleased with the end result. I would certainly be delighted, at any time in the future, to serve as a recommendation if you should require one for future projects for which you many be required to provide references.