Dear Ray,

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, Wantagh Baptist Church dedicated our new facility at 25 Hempstead. Turnpike in Farmingdale. It was an incredible day that marked the realization of a dream that began many years before. In addition to a new address, our name changed as well as we became Living Faith Christian Church.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our first anniversary in our new building. Also, we felt that after being in our building for a year, it would be a good time to stop, look back, and offer some appreciation to key contractors that went the extra mile to help us make the building and site possible. Without your help, and that of your company, we are confident that our building would not be what it is today. Because of that, we want to make sure that you know how grateful we are for all you did to help us.

As you recall, we researched pretty extensively before deciding on a Butler Building. Naturally, that decision was based on a number of factors including the reputation of Butler, the ability to meet with the engineers to tailor the design to our specific needs, and the opportunity to tour the plant to see the production process. All of those things helped make the decision.

However, to us a major issue was the local contractor. After all, a great building is still a disappointment if the installation and assembly is poorly executed. In our case, this was even more critical since we had designed a complex pre-engineered structure that included a 14,000 sq. ft. basement with 10′ finished ceiling height and a first floor that had to carry different loads, while a significant portion was to be open to the lower level. On top of all that was another floor, along with a roof that included multiple angles and a special custom color.

Now, over a year later, we can report that in all this time, we had just one very minor issue after first moving into the building. When we did, your firm came out quickly, evaluated the problem and proposed a solution. Then, you helped make that possible in ways that you really did not have to do. Since then, we have not had one single issue with leaks or problems of any kind.

I am no contractor, but I have to believe that erecting a complex pre-engineered steel building with over 30,000 sq. ft. of floor space that resulted in just one minor issue {which was easily resolved) during the first year has to be exceptional. If it is not that way in your eyes, it certainly is in mine. Therefore, I want to personally thank you for an end product that has been a great blessing. In fact, even our decision to add the additional insulation package to the building was .a great one because over the past year our utility bills have been less than we projected. It was great advice on your part to us, and the end product exceeded our expectations in savings and appearance.

In addition to all those things, the building is simply beautiful. Everyone has commented, and continues to comment, about how beautiful it came out. In fact, we are convinced the appearance of the building has had a major impact on our congregation. That impact, like the building, has been positive.

Since moving into our new facility, our church has doubled in attendance. Honestly, that virtually never happens when a church builds a new facility and relocates. Today, over 1,000 people attend worship every Sunday at Living Faith Christian Church. We give God all the glory for that incredible miracle. However, it is fitting for us to express our thanks to you and your company for being faithful to your word and doing a job with such integrity and interest in our project.

As a result, without hesitation we would recommend your firm to anyone planning a construction project. Your company delivered on every promise you made to us with a product that exceeded our expectations. Because of that, our advice for anyone considering a contractor would be to work with you if at all possible because they will not have to worry about the finished product. When the time comes, there is no question we will be come back to you for another Butler Building.

Again, thank you very much for working with us to make our dream of a new church a reality. Also, thank you for a year of compliments from those who now call Living Faith Christian Church their home. Finally, thank you for an amazing facility that has exceeded all our hopes and expectations.